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ESS Technology Modem Info Page

    ESS modems are generally the cheapest modems on the market. ESS modems are software driven modems and rely heavily on PCTel chipsets, and since PCTel based modems are software driven, init strings don't have as much an effect in remedying connection problems. You will only find X2 ESS and V.90 ESS modems on the market.

    Sometimes the best solution for an ESS modem with connection problems is to reduce the connection speed of the modem (might be a bit slower but usually a more stable connection) so that the user can get online, so they can download newer drivers from the ESS website.

    ESS, X2/V.90                          AT&FS32=98
    ESS, X2/V.90                          +MS=11,0,9600,33600   ***
    ESS, X2/V.90                          +MS=11,1,9600,33600   ***

    *** I haven't seen these work before, but fellow techs have said they worked so I'm including them in the list.

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