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Lucent Modem Init Strings

    Lucent, Chipset Modems K56Flex only (V.90 off)     S109=0
    Lucent, Chipset Modems K56flex or V.90             S109=1
    Lucent, Chipset Modems V.90 only (K56Flex off)     S109=2
    Lucent Technologies, 56k Flex                      AT&F&C1
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem 56kflex 
    Lucent Technologies, LT WinModem                   AT&FX
    Lucent Technologies, LT WinModem 56Kflex           AT&F
    Lucent Technologies, LT WinModem 56Kflex           AT&F1&W^M
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem 56Kflex           AT&FS=S10
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem 56Kflex Enabled   S38=1
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem 56Kflex Disabled  S38=0
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem Limit Upstream    S37=14
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled      -V90=1
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&F\N3%C1 
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&FS=S10 
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&F&C1&D2%C0\N3
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&FX&C1&D2S95=1
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&F&C1&D2L3S95=3S11U
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&F&C1&D2&K3%C0-V90S37=0S38=8
    Lucent,Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90              AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W1\N3&Q5&K3S38=0
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled      AT&FX-v90=1S38=0S28=1
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90 Enabled      AT&FX&C1&D2S38=0
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem V.90 Disabled     -V90=0
    Lucent Technologies, LT Winmodem Limited to 33.6   AT&FX-v90=0S38=0S28=1

  • LT Winmodem FAQ Excellent!!!

  • LT Winmodem Help Page Most Complete LT Winmodem Help Page Anyhere!!!!

  • ViVa also has a number of models based on the Lucent chipset as well.

  • LT Winmodem Drivers version 5.18

  • LT Winmodem Drivers version 5.39 (sent to me by lars fredriksson)

  • LT Winmodem Drivers version 5.43 (sent to me by lars fredriksson)

    You can find Lucent LT Winmodems in Compaq, Dell, Gateway, Fujitsu, Hitachi, IBM, Sony, Toshiba, Hewlett Packard, Winbook, as well as many other machines.

    Other Modem Manufacturers that assemble modems with the Lucent Chipset:

    Acer, Actiontec, Apex Data (Smart Modular), Aztech, CyberMax, Digitan, Encore, Harmony, Hawking Technology, Jaton, Inteva, Maxtech, Multitech, Paradise/Philips/Western Digital, Phoebe Micro Driver Downloads, Viking, Zoom,

    Note for WIN ME Users: If you have an LT Winmodem, to use it with Windows ME, you should upgrade your drivers to at least 5.80 for it to work properly.

    You can also lower the fifo's for your LT Winmodem.. that seems to work if you are having poor connections.

    Note: We are not responsible for any driver downloads or upgrades you attempt so make sure you download the correct driver for your model of modem and install it properly.