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    Q Modem Init Strings

          QVC, 14.4                                    AT&F2&C1&D2%C1\J0\N6\Q3\V1   
          QfaxModem, 14.4                              AT&F1X3
          Quantum, Active                              S0=0 E1Q0V1X4
          Quantum, Active 9624F, 2400V42 and 9624B/V42 AT&F&D2&C1E0
          Quantum, Active 144                          S0=0 E1Q0V1X4
          Quantum, Active 144UF+ and 144UB+            AT&F&D2&C1E0W1S95=47
          Quantum, Active 144PCi, 144PCi/V and 144Ce/V AT&F&D2&C1E0
          Quantum, Active 336FDV, 28.8                 AT&F&D2&C1E0W1S95=47
          Quantum, Active 336FDV, 28.8                 AT&F&D2&C1E0W1/V0S95=47
          Quickcomm,                                   S0=0 E1Q0V1X4
          QuickComm, 14.4                              AT&F*F3
          Quickcomm, Spirit II                         S0=0 E1Q0V1 *E0*F1
          QuickComm, Spirit II                         AT&F&C1&D2X4*E9*F3*N6
          Quickcomm, Sprint II                         AT&F*Q0*E0S9=6  
          Quickcomm, Sprint II                         AT&F%C0\N0
          Quickcomm, Spirit II V32 Terbo 19.2          AT&F*N8*E0&D2&C1
          Quickcomm, Spirit II V32bis 14.4             AT&F*N6*E0&D2&C1
          Quickcomm, Spirit SMI Int                    AT&F%C0\N0
          Quickcomm, Spirit SMI V32bis , V32Terbo      AT&F&C1&D2&K3S0=0V1X4
          Quickcomm, Spirit Thunder                    AT&F*Q0*E0*N6S9=6
          Quickcomm, Spirit Viper 28.8                 AT&FX3&K3&D2 
          Quickcomm, V.32                              S0=0 E1Q0V1 *E0*F1
          Quicktel, Xeba 14.4                          AT&F&C1
          Quicktel, Xeba 14.4                          AT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3%C0 
          Quicktel, Xeba 14.4                          AT&F&C1&D2&K3\N3%C0
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LH                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LH                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LP                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LP                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LX                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3%C0  
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 LX                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 XV                       AT&F&C1&D2\Q3\N3%C0
          Quicktel, Xeba 9600 XV                       AT&F&C1&D2&K3\N3%C0
          Quicktel, 2814XVR 28.8                       AT&F&C1&D2S7=90S10=60S95=1
          Quicktel, 28.8                               S0=0 E1Q0V1X4&K3
          Quicktel, 28.8                               AT&D2&C1X4V1Q0S7=70W2&Q5&K3\J0
          Quicktel,                                    S0=0 E1Q0V1X4

    Last Updated March 5, 2005.