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Motorola is another of the long time modem manufacturers. Until recently they were a leader in the field. Unfortunately they recently discontinued their modem line except for the HSP based SM56 Softmodem. Motorola is still providing support for the modems they have sold. Motorola's support site now only basically has the contact info for the support options. Unfortunately when I was last there there were no drivers or tips for all the users out there who currently have older modems. Motorola supported the 56kFlex standard and now supports the V.90 standard. Motorola Bitsurfer modems were considered to be very durable and I have had no problems with the ones I've used.

Company Contact Info:

Regional Contact Information

Rycom Inc.(Exclusive Motorola Country Distributor)
Support Information
226 Britannia Road East
ON L4Z 1S6
Phone: 1-877-867-9266
Fax: (905)502-6612

China, Beijing
Motorola China Electronics Ltd.
Motorola ISG
Beijing Branch
39A, Zi Zhu Yuan Road
Haidian District
Beijing 100081PR China
Phone: 86 (1) 843 7222 ext. 2503
Fax: 86 (10) 684 20550

Motorola Systemes D'Information
7 Avenue Leon Eyrolles
94230 Cachan
Phone: 33 (1) 4969-8400
Telex: 632226 MOTINFF
Fax: 33 (1) 4664-4300

Motorola GMBH
Zentrale und Geschaeftsstelle
Dolivostrasse 9
64293 Darmstadt
Phone: 49 (6151) 8807-0
Call Handling: 49 (6151) 880723
Fax: 49 (6151) 880739

Nippon Motorola Ltd.
Information Systems Group
4-31-1 Nishigotanda
Shinagawa, Tokyo 141
Phone: 81-3-3440-3311
Fax: 81-3-5787-8614

United Kingdom
Motorola ING
Church Road
Lowfield Heath
Crawley, West Sussex, RH11 OPQ
Phone: 44-1293-404343
Service: 44-1293-404455
Fax: 44-1293-404362

United States
Customer Support Operations
575 West St.
Mansfield, MA 02048
Phone: 1-800-544-0062
Fax: (508) 261-7072
6505, 6507, 6525 and Vanguard Series 6520 and 6560 Series 9110, 9300, 9800, and 9000 Series Network Management 35xx Series 326x, 336x, 338x, and 3460 Series 925 Systems Products FT 100 and DDS MR 64 Series Products SM56 modem
V.3225, V.3229, and V.34 Series Products Premier Modem
United States Transmission Products Division (Consumer modems)
Customer Technical Support
Phone: 1-800-221-4380
BitSURFR and BitSURFR Pro Series (ISA or Mac version)
Lifestyle and Power Series Modems OnLineSURFR, VoiceSURFR, and ModemSURFR Series Marquis, Mariner and Montana PCMCIA Series SURFR Series Communication Center

Motorola Support Mail Form

Motorola Corperate Site

Motorola Drivers Page

Motorola Init Strings Page

Last Updated April 2, 1999.