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Windows Error Code 604

Wrong information specified.

    This is a dialup networking/connection with your ISP issue.

    Many possible causes:

    Dial up networking settings have changed, check to make sure you didn't change anything. This could be as simple as your ISP changing from PAP to CHAP authentication and not informing you, or possibly you need to start using a domain name, or realm your username. etc... Check your connection script if you are using one and also doublecheck typing in your username and password.

    If you have been playing around in your dial up networking connectoid, create a new connectoid with the proper settings and try that. If this still doesn't work, uninstall dial up networking and reinstall it.

    Also check with your ISP to see if they changed any PPP or connection settings, or if they are having a radius/authentication issues for your NAS (device you are dialing into).

    Last Updated January 11, 2005. by webmaster