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Windows Error Code 612

'The route is not allocated.'

    This error is roughly the same as error 611.

    This is an IP routing error usually.

    If you have installed any new pieces of software that affect routing/tcpip in anyway, doublecheck their documentation as their purpose and affects.

    Sometimes in some operating systems, once you make a tcp/ip change, you need to reboot the comptuer for the settings to take effect. Reboot and try it again.

    Check tcp/ip in the control panel, and make sure you only have one instance of tcp/ip for each component (1 for the dialer/modem, and 1 for each ethernet card that you have), if you have extras doublecheck what they are for, but in most instances, the duplicates can be safely removed.

    Use winipcfg (for windows95/98) from the dos prompt, or ipconfig on windows 2000/2003/xp to check what network adapters are installed, and that the ip's, subnet masks and gateways are for all the installed interfaces (ethernet cards, dialup-modem adapters, and wireless ethernet cards. If there are duplicate ip's/gateways etc, you could cause issues, if you aren't using your wireless ethernet card, and its a pcmcia wireless card, remove it and see if that helps.

    If this happens while at work, talk to your helpdesk/network admins.

    Last Updated February 13, 2005. by webmaster