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Windows Error Code 678

    This error states, "there is no answer"

    This should be a pretty easy error to troubleshoot:

    1. Make sure you dialed the correct number.

    2. When did this start happening? Did you hear the modem dial, was there a handshake or did you hear the operator's automated message come on? Try turning the speaker volume up.

    3. If the modem handshakes, does the handshake go on and on forever. If so then maybe lock the modem at a lower speed, ie: v.34/33.6 with the use of an Init String.

    4. Also it would be good to update your modem software/driver. Check out your manufacturers support site for downloading and upgrading your modem's firmware/drivers.

    5. If this is a PPPoE (DSL customer), you might want to reboot the dsl modem/router, reboot the computer and try the pppoe client again. Also make sure the modem is plugged into the correct PPPoE line and not a PPPoA (ppp over atm) line.

    Last Updated January 28, 2005. by webmaster