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Yes, the trusty winmodem again.

Seem we have all had at least one call concerning win98 and winmodems. Here's a nifty little workaround when win98 refuses to load a driver or loads the wrong one and you can't open the com port.

1) Remove all modems from device manager

2) On the win98 CD run the following program; D:\drivers\modem\3com-usr\winmodem\wmregdel.exe

3) Reboot

4) If windows detects the modem and asks for a driver point it to;

5) If windows does not detect the modem, In control panel,open modems let it detect,change modem (or manual add) then point it to the above directory.

*If the modem still does not operate, it has failed! This driver is intended for 33.6 modems but it will work with 56k versions.

This tech update is courtesy of Dave Miller.

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